de Vere’s Melt Month, Week 4: The Tuna Melt

January 24th, 2012 | Comments (1)

We couldn’t let our first-ever Melt Month go by without making a good-ol’ tuna melt! So as our grand finale, we create the king of all tuna melts–with the help of your recommendations! Inside this melt: tuna (with celery, capers, and onions), havarti cheese, and cheddar cheese on lightly buttered and grilled sourdough. It’s the perfect way to close out a very successful Melt Month!

One Response to “de Vere’s Melt Month, Week 4: The Tuna Melt”

  1. Terry Geiger says:

    Melt #4, mmmmmmmmm. Thank you for the generous portion of tuna meat, that really made the difference. Tuna melts often are too tangy and crunchy with celery, but the deVere’s melt balanced the celery, capers, and onions very nicely. I will miss the melts, but hope to see some of them show up as specials throughout the year.

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